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About Dingalingdate

Dingaling [ding-a-ling] noun, slang

“The organ of male mammals that is used for sex, AKA the penis… or d*ck.”

Welcome to Dingaling Date - Here at Dingaling Date we do things differently.

For many years men have been known to send unsolicited dingaling pics to women in the hope of dating, receiving a naughty picture in return or simply for personal gratification.

Whatever the reason may be, the recipient rarely has any control of the image they receive which can often be met with shock!

At Dingaling Date we put the power back into your hands and give full control to the recipient on what they see, whilst men are free to upload their dingaling pics proudly.

The reality is that most adult intimate relationships will eventually result in sex and even after finding who you think is the perfect partner online, a dingaling may change it all, whether it’s too big, too small or simply not what you were expecting.

Dingaling Date allows you to start from the dingaling, and figure the rest out from there.